Scooby Doo Games For Toddlers and All Ages

Have you got a Scooby Doo fan? And are they a toddler? That’s great because thanks to the Cartoon Network there’s a website where they can interact with their favorite Scooby characters, watch Scooby videos, or even play Scooby related games. Even when your son or daughter is not a toddler, that’s fine since the website is aimed at different ages. Actually, toddlers will probably need someone older to sit down together and help them travel through the various games.

Scooby Doo Games

The brand new Scooby Doo movie: The Mystery Begins premiered Sunday, September 13th at 7pm and also the website was prepared and eager for its to produce few weeks before the release. This movie isn’t a cartoon, such as the Scooby shows most of us knew growing up, but rather features real people. On the website, in addition to the very popular Scooby Doo character, your child also has a chance to become familiar with a bit more about the characters: Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Daphne. You’re able to learn what the characters interests are as well as their favorite quotes!

Scooby Doo Games

So far as gaming goes, there’s three different games your child can enjoy. The very first is – Scooby Doo: Who’re You? Quiz which asks you 10 questions that you must response to tell you which Scooby Doo character you’re most like. The second game is Instamatic Monsters 2 which has a few different games that you can even download for your desktop for fast and easy access. The last game is called Scooby Doo Yourself which allows you to definitely upload an image of yourself that you can customize, resize, print or even tell others.

In addition to the games and getting to understand the characters, there are a few movies your little Scooby fan can watch. So there you have it. Pull-up the Scooby site and allow your child sit down to a couple moments of experiencing their favorite characters.

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